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Runway extension & rehabilitation

posted Feb 25, 2011, 10:38 AM by Los Alamos Avgas
From our Airport Manger, Peter Soderquist:



I am happy to report that the start date of the rehabilitation and extension of Runway 9/27 at Los Alamos County Airport  has been set for Monday, March 14, 2011.  This date is dependent on weather (heavy rain or snow may require it be moved) and the contractor submitting all required preconstruction documentation (safety plans, etc).


Important elements of the Project include:

-         Rehabilitate the existing 5,550’ runway.

-         Ensure a continuous width of 120 feet.  (It presently varies.)

-         Groove the runway.

-         Relocate the distance remaining signs to the south side.

-         Extend the runway 450’ to the east (for a total of 6,000’).

-         Replace the damaged VASI with a new Precision Approach Path Indicator.

-         Remove the “speed bumps” around the main ramp.


The first work element is to bring the area of the extension up to grade.  This will be followed by preparing the area to accept the 450’ extension.  Paving of the extension will occur later in the schedule -- commensurate with repaving the runway.  (This keeps runway closure time down to a minimum.)  There will be a 300’ displaced threshold on the east end of the runway while crews are working on the extension.  According to the schedule, the runway will be displaced 300’ on April 11, 2011.  During this time, there will only be 5,250’ available for takeoff and landing.


The rehab begins after the extension is prepared.  The rehab involves milling into the existing surface and paving a new surface.  It is during this time the runway will have to be closed.  The project has been scheduled to allow the runway to remain open as long as possible.  The entire project is scheduled to take 120 calendar days.  The runway will have to be closed during the time the surface is milled and repaved.  This is expected to take 21 calendar days.  According to the plan, runway closure is scheduled for May 28 thru June 18, 2011.


It is important to note that following repaving, the runway needs to cure thirty (30) days before it is grooved.  It will be open and available during this time, but after this cure period, it will have to be closed a second time for the grooving effort.  It is also during this time the new surface will be restriped a second time.  The runway will be closed from July 14 thru July 28 for grooving and restriping.


This information will be updated as information changes which can happen as weather and site conditions dictate. 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the airport office at (505) 662-8420