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Airport is OPEN

posted Jul 13, 2011, 1:38 PM by Los Alamos Avgas
From our Airport Manager, Peter Soderquist:



The runway will reopen tomorrow (Wednesday, July 12) at 11:00am.  Only work left to be done is to paint some lead-in lines, taxiway hold bars, and mounting the PAPI on its recently poured foundation.


At issue now is the TFR.  As some of you know, the Forest Service was asked to provide an approach/departure corridor that would allow aircraft to get in and out of LAM.  They are agreeable to this.  Over the weekend, a modification to the current TFR was constructed.  If approved by FAA, the TFR will change (tomorrow) as follows:

-         Both the western and eastern limits of the TFR will be “brought in.”  The eastern boundary, which presently extends out towards Pojoaque, will be brought in to about 7.3 miles from LAM.

-         A departure/final approach corridor for LAM will be carved out of the TFR.  It will be aligned with the extended centerline of RWY 9.  It will extend 7.3 miles to the east.  It will be 2 miles wide at its eastern most point (one mile on each side of the extended centerline), and 1 mile wide and the approach end of RWY 27 (½ mile on each side of the extended centerline).

-         There will be no vertical limit but it is generally assumed aircraft will be around 8,500’ as it enters the corridor.


Suggest you monitor the FAA or AOPA’s website to confirm the new TFR is in place.  As of this writing, it is not posted.


Please be aware:

-         If approved, the corridor will be 7.3 miles long.  Turns to final made at the river (+/- 6 miles out) will violate the TFR!

-         Use of our CTAF (123.0) is of course, mandatory.

-         If it is necessary to “go around” announce your intentions and return to the extended centerline as soon as safely practical.

-         The Forest Service will use their own frequency for air traffic control.  They will monitor 123.0.

-         Forest Service personnel have relocated the helicopter that was staged in the runup area.  They will also moved as much equipment as they can to the east (five hangar pad area).   While they may still have helicopters left on the main ramp, I am assured the asphalt area between the main ramp and the first row of hangars will be vacant.  Same will be true on the east side of the fourth row of hangars.  We should have freedom of movement.

-         For reasons of security and safety of operations, Forest Service personnel will continue to have a presence at the automatic gate.  Please stop when asked and explain that you are a pilot based at LAM and you are driving to your aircraft.  Be aware, you may be escorted.  Be very cautious when driving (and taxiing) on the ramp.  In addition to all the helicopter activity, there is a sizable amount of ground support traffic.   


Fly safe,