Elevation: 7171' MSL
Runway: 9/27, 6000 x 120'
CTAF: 123.0
AWOS: 124.175 (505-662-8423)
FSS: 122.2 (ABQ Radio)
Approach: 132.8 (ABQ Center)
Lat/Lon: 35°52'47.28"N 106°16'09.89"W

Two-Way Radio Communication REQUIRED! 

Pilot Warning - a message from the local Los Alamos flight instructors on the hazards associated with flying in/out of the Los Alamos Airport.


All Landings on Rw 27 - Regardless of Wind Conditions

VFR Approach:
  • Remain east of the Rio Grande river until established on a 5 mile final.
  • DO NOT overfly the community of White Rock - noise sensitive area.
  • Fly a straight-in approach from over the river.

Go Around & Aborted Landings:
  • Right turn as soon as speed and altitude permit prior to the approach end of rw 27.
  • DO NOT overfly Los Alamos townsite. Noise sensitive areas immediately west of airport.
  • Make right traffic, turn final over the "Y".
  • No touch and go landings!


All Departures on Rw 09 - Regardless of Wind Conditions

Run Up:
For noise abatement, no run ups west of the Terminal Building.

VFR Departure:
Turn left or right 45° (heading 045° or 135°) as soon as speed, altitude, and airspace restrictions permit.